Teachers, please submit two reports to the office at the 3-week and 6-week progress checks and contact each failing student's parents through email or a phone call. That documentation will be submitted no later than 5 school days after the progress checks are completed.

The initial two reports will be submitted on the Friday of the progress check week. The parent contact documentation will be due the following week. 

The two reports to submit to the office are from the electronic Gradebook.

1) Select "Reports"

     Select "Assignment Grades"

     ALL should appear in the textbox

     Then click on "Generate"

      Print this report (It will list all of your classes and all of your assignments)


2) Select "Grades"

     Select "Print IPR by Average"

     Enter "70" in the textbox

     Print this report (These are the parents you will be contacting within 5 days)